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Don’t panic.

By timheitzman When pandemic restrictions start to stack up on your emotions, take a break from the news and focus on what’s good, what you can do and how so many people are doing what’s best for all. Use your at-home time to bake goodies, decorate for the holidays and send out cards. It’s not the holiday season we’d like—but our shared goal is to keep as many people healthy as possible: our family, our friends, our customers and employees. …read more From:: Don’t panic.

Winter hazard warning.

By timheitzman Deicing products, like salt, are a welcome relief from slippery sidewalks and driveways. But when salty slush and water splash on your clothes, the chemical solution can pull color, leave rings and create permanent stains on your winter clothing and shoes. Before your snow-spattered trousers, skirt or outerwear show the signs of damage, bring them in for prompt cleaning or laundry. …read more From:: Winter hazard warning.


Crisp, clean and professional.

By timheitzman That’s what you’re giving with a gift certificate from us. Your grateful recipient will enjoy expert dry cleaning and laundry with your compliments. We’ll create a certificate in any denomination, from stocking stuffer to magnificent. It’s a gift that’s always welcome. …read more From:: Crisp, clean and professional.

Post-turkey workout.

By timheitzman Keep your workout clothes fresh by presoaking. Most exercise garments are made with fibers that repel water, like Spandex and Lycra, so you need to presoak in a half-gallon warm water mixed with 1 ounce laundry detergent and the juice of a lemon. The lemon’s citric acid helps break down oily buildup. Gently scrub armpits, neckline and any other stained or odorific areas before soaking overnight. Then launder regularly in warm water with a white vinegar finishing rinse instead of fabric softener. Or bring the whole pile to us for professional stain removal and laundering. …read more From:: Post-turkey workout.


By timheitzman If candles dripped on the tablecloth, let everything cool and peel the wax off with your fingers. If it’s stubborn, freeze the tablecloth, then scrape off the wax with a credit card. Wash in hot water to remove the remaining embedded wax. Better yet, and a lot easier, bring your table linens to us for expert stain removal, professional laundering or dry cleaning. They’ll come back clean and wrinkle-free, ready for your next celebration. …read more From:: Leftovers?