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In a hurry?

Jumping into a freshly ironed garment can actually create new wrinkles and diminish your steamy work. Give the creases a few minutes to set and allow time for the residual moisture and heat to leave the fabric fibers before dressing.

A little less disability.

Now wheelchair users can choose pants, shirts, blouses, blazers and dresses specially tailored for looking (and feeling) good while seated. For instance, the blazer back is cut out to let the sides hang properly. Pants and skirts fit, dresses easily zip and the maker donates 10% to build ramps. See everything at for affordable, classic and well-made mens and womens clothing made of top quality fabrics, styled to fit a seated body shape. Hurrah to designer Izzy Camilleri!

Laundry mildew.

Even in the cleanest of homes, mildew can grow in a washing machine, especially in humid or poorly ventilated areas. The problem’s usually around the rubber door seal. Start with a cup of chlorine bleach mixed with 2 cups warm water. Wearing protective gloves, wipe and clean the seal from bottom to top, paying special attention to areas where water may collect. Finish your disinfection process by running the washer (empty) with a hot cycle and a full bleach dispenser. Repeat every couple of months or when you see or smell mildew.

Time for a closet purge.

Make room for summer by clearing out the old, the tired, the worn. Ten things to start: jeans you no longer wear, concert and event t-shirts, the dress you’re going to fit someday, unwearable shoes (no matter how cute), nostalgic oldies, the bridesmaid dress, ill-fitting bras, anything with shoulder pads, empty hangers, that really expensive piece you never wear. Bag it all and give it to a charity. You’ll feel great, especially when you see all the new closet real estate.

It’s Flag Day.

Celebrate Flag Day today. Fly your flag and give it the care and respect that’s right. Washing Your Flag.  Most outdoor flags are now made of polyester or nylon, meaning they are more durable than cotton and can be washed by hand (in the bathtub or washtub) or by machine, in warm water. They can be soaked and pre-treated, if needed. Older flags, which were typically made from cotton, are more prone to fading, degradation, tears and stains; specifically mildew and rust. It’s best to let flags air dry, regardless of the fabric content. Drycleaning Your Flag. Ask us about drycleaning your flag. We can make repairs and remove stains like rust or mildew. Respect the Flag. Since Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag in May of 1776 specific rules and conditions for displaying Old Glory have been established. For all the details, visit the National Flag Foundation.

Ancient Roman laundry.

By timheitzman Clothing was an important indicator of wealth and social standing in ancient Roman culture, and fullonicas provided laundry services to clean their white woolen togas. The best cleanser for sweaty togas was ammonia, and the best source of ammonia was urine. The garments were soaked and agitated in a mix of water, alkalis and urine, then rinsed and dried in the sunshine. A vigorous brushing with thistle restored a fresh look to the togas. Keeping citizens looking neat and tidy, the fullonica laundry was a respected and essential part of ancient Roman society. …read more From:: Ancient Roman laundry.

Closet clutter.

By timheitzman Too often, keepsake garments take up valuable closet space and get crushed in the process. We not only clean and archivally pack wedding gowns, we also preserve baby outfits, prom dresses, christening gowns, letter jackets, costumes and ceremonial garb, military dress uniforms, even Grandma’s afghan. Give your treasures the special treatment they deserve. Thoroughly cleaned and properly packaged, your keepsakes will preserved for the future and ready to stack on a shelf. …read more From:: Closet clutter.

Starched or soft?

By timheitzman Shirts and blouses can go both ways – let us know if you like a lot or a little starch for crispness. Or do you like a smooth softer feel instead? Our professionals launder and press shirts and blouses with the finish you like best. Not all shirts are the same, so remember to tell us your preference when bringing them to us. …read more From:: Starched or soft?

Hitting the slopes?

By timheitzman Get the most out of your winter sportswear. Check for salt, grit or food spills après ski. Close zippers and release tension on drawstrings or elastics, dry thoroughly before storing. Specifically follow care instruction tags: high tech fabrics need special attention, sometimes more sophisticated than a home washing machine. We’re your garment cleaning and care experts—even for technical sportswear. …read more From:: Hitting the slopes?

The cuff story.

By timheitzman Back in the 1890’s, King Edward VII popularized sewn-in “turn-ups” as an alternative to rolling up pant bottoms in rainy weather. Cuffs were a sign of elegant tailoring until WWII wartime clothing restrictions banned cuffs and flaps on pockets to save fabric. Today, cuffs are recommended on trousers with wide or long legs, double pleats and high waists. Cuffs tend to shorten the leg line, so are best for the taller and slimmer. Our alterations team can add or remove cuffs from most pants. Call for an appointment. …read more From:: The cuff story.